Articles by Meagan Wilson

Hunting Gumbo in the French Quarter

New Orleans is home to a rich and varied culinary scene, which is by no means limited to such iconic staples as beignets, gumbo, crawfish etouffee and jambalaya. There's way more to eat than what Zatarain's offers. However, after a Saturday spent wandering the city, I was looking for some legit gumbo. [...]

Café Bon Ami – a review of sorts

New Orleans, home of Mardi Gras, crawfish beignets,  gumbo, the Sazerac, the Saints, the French Quarter, ungodly summer heat – and lots of coffee. The place is full of coffee shops, and not just Café Du Monde. One new and modern local coffee shop is Café Bon Ami. [...]

Big Bend Brewing Co. – Beer from the West of Texas

Big Bend Brewing Co. operates out of a (modern) barn, with a taproom located just a few steps from the actual brewery. It's "the most remote brewery in America" and aptly, their tagline is "The beer from out here." Out here, the vistas are both beautiful and forbidding, the people are both welcoming and hardy, and the beer is good. [...]

Jester King Brewery – An Experience

Down in the hill country, west of Austin, there’s a brewery, on a ranch, nestled amongst the oak trees. Situated atop a natural aquifer--with, apparently, the right amount of salts to get a perfect, slightly tart, slightly hoppy, slightly malty profile--Jester King makes beers. [...]